We believe yoga is for everyBODY

About MSOY

The aim of Maldives School of Yoga is to support the future of yoga teachers in all steps and to provide the necessary knowledge and tools for integration into the demanding professional environment as a yoga teacher.

The 100 hour training program will offer you the unforgettable experience to obtain your international certification in a lovely setting in Maldives.

Maldives School of Yoga has a clear vision of providing professional teacher training programs, part science and part experience based.

Learning and studying yoga with Maldives School of Yoga provides an opportunity to study yoga with experienced teachers, in a safe setting where you´ll study the theory and practice of yoga as well as deepen your knowledge about yourself in everyday life.

We aim to lead by example and deliver quality yoga education from a heartfelt place.

We believe in spending time in nature in order to feel enriched from the soul outward.

We live by the belief that yoga is not just an exercise, a philosophy or a fashion choice. For us, yoga is our lifestyle.

We aim to bring mindfulness, conscious communication and joy to everything we do.