Yin Yoga asanas

in the making - more coming soon



Flexion for the spine. Adductors (groin). Some people feel this pose around the outer hips and IT band as well.

Place the soles of your feet together. Relax your legs and allow your knees do drop to the sides. Slowly start to relax your spine and melt into a forward bend. Don´t try and push and pull yourself as close to your feet as possible. Just relax into the pose, and as soon as you feel resistance – stop. That´s your first edge.

Allow your arms to rest where it feels comfortable. Your arms can rest on the floor, on your legs or wherever it feels good.



Back body. Flexion for the spine. (Hamstrings for some)

Take a seat and stretch your legs out in front of you. Relax your legs and feet. Slowly round your spine and fold forward. Stop at your first edge, where your body naturally stops. Don´t push to go further. “If you´re feeling it, you´re doing it”, as Bernie Clark says. Play with your edges. You don´t have to go as deep as possible. When you feel your spine, and specifically a stretch along your spine all the way up to your neck, stay there. Relax.



Extension of spine (lower back)

From your belly, place your elbows on the floor. Relax completely from your navel to your toes. Width between your legs is totally up to you, depending on what´s comfortable. Now, do you feel an “achy” sensation in your lower back? If so, stay there. We are looking for a dull achiness around the lower back, a therapeutic compression of the spine. If you don´t feel anything, you can try the Seal pose (straight arms).


Twisted roots

Rotation of spine.

Rest on your back. Hug your knees into your chest. Either cross one leg over the other, or keep your knees parallell. Allow your knees do drop to one side, and the opposite arm to the opposite side. Allow your neck to rest in comfortable position, either keeping your nose pointing against the ceiling, your knees or your opposite arm.



Flexion for the spine, relaxation for arms, shoulders, neck.

Place your feet about hip width apart. Allow your upper body to fold forward, with your arms hanging down against the floor.

Option is to grab your elbows with your hands, or rest your elbows on your knees. Your legs can be straight, or slightly bent.



Hips, groin and spine. (Flexion).

Simply sit down in a squatting position. Place your feet comfortable, allowing your feet to point where they naturally want to point. Option: place a blanket under your heels.